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2nd post! New Deathcore Band!

2010-01-25 00:45:56 by thereverendis

Well so today was pretty awesome, I got shit D.O.N.E
T'was fucking awesome!

Me and my friend (Who are two big metal heads) finally started writing some material
for our new band "Omen To The Visionless". We have some pretty good ideas down
we're going for a Progressive Deathcore type deal, since he's big into Progressive metal,
and I just like music all around.

Anyhow, I'm on vocals, which means I just get to scream brutally into a microphone, and write
intense lyrics (Good practice since I'm thinking of minoring in Literature.) along with that, I get to
create some pretty legit band art.

I already have a few connections, since I always go to shows and shit,
know a few places where we could pull off some gigs. (Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, a club where a lot of big named bands play since some shows are booked by Club Loaded. Leave it to Long Island...)

Aside from that I'm friends with members of a bunch of underground bands that wouldn't mind giving us a hand.

So yeah! Thats pretty much the fuck it, I'll post band videos and shit eventually.

Here is a video of my Deathcore Vocals, I think I overdid the reverb a bit, along with the echo but aside from that I think it sounds alright.
Let me know what thou' thinketh'

/* */
Peace, love and sweet leaf.

2nd post! New Deathcore Band!


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